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13. 1. 2023

Best newsletter tools (2023)

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You want to write a newsletter, but you don’t know what tools to use. Let’s take a look at the best ones to help you and your newsletter succeed.

Newsletter tools


Substack is a platform where you can write, edit and send your newsletter. In addition, it also provides a subscription option (subscribers pay you for your writing).

So if you don’t have your own site and writing a newsletter is all you’re looking for, Substack seems like the perfect platform.


If you have a website or just want to send newsletters from your “own platform” (the case of most blogs, presentation sites and eshops) I can recommend Mailer Lite with a calm heart.

It’s free, it offers things that you wouldn’t pay for at a competitor (likeMailchimp) had to pay and I have had a great user experience with it.

Images for newsletters


Pexels is a free photo library. Of all the photo banks, I think it has probably the best photos and videos. That’s why I use it the most.


Undraw.co are the illustrations I use throughout my blog. There’s a huge variety of them, they’re great and totally free (you don’t have to attribute the authorKaterina Limpitsouni, and you can use the illustrations as you please).

Writing tools


Notion I use it for almost everything and I like to write in it a lot. The advantage of Notion is that you can just schedule newsletters, assign them to certain people and see how far along you are in your writing.

If you subsequently copy text from Notion to html, it will be copied “cleanly”, without unnecessary formatting, as is the case withGoogle Docs.

Tools for writing in English


Grammarly helps you check your English grammar and typos. It also exists as an extension to Google Docs.


Deepl is the best compiler at the moment. See for yourself.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway App will help you both sharpen your stylistics and (more importantly) give your text a form that’s easy for readers to understand. After all, website visitors prefer what’s easy to read. A great tool.

More technical tools

HTML Email

Html Email is an html inliner. So if you are sending an email in html format, make sure you run it through this tool first.


As with everything, the important thing is to create newsletters, not to worry about the best tools. However, tools can undoubtedly be useful. So feel free to try the ones that interest you, but above all, write – that’s the most important thing.

Let me know in the comments how you are doing with newsletters?

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